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Mass Effect N7 Sentry Interface Replica Passion Project Launched

08 November 2021
N7 Day 2021: the BioWare Gear Store Launches a New Mass Effect Helmet

07 November 2021
Can You Spit Napalm? Put This Fallout Helmet On.

23 October 2021
The Mothman Cometh to the Bethesda Gear Store!

21 October 2021
NYCC Special: The Bethesda Gear Store’s Dark but Vivid Fallout Mini Statue

8 October 2021
Product Announcement | BTH FO Vault Boy Bloody Mess Technicolor Variant

Now with Complete Color: Fallout Bloody Mess Mini Statue
Fallout: New Vegas’ Most Helpful Robot Is Now A Collectible at the Bethesda Gear Store

A main character from Fallout: New Vegas joins the Bethesda Gear Store’s catalog of collectible statues. His name is Yes Man, a robot with a relentlessly cheerful demeanor, bound to help players whether he wants to or not! The Fallout: New Vegas Yes Man Statue is a limit...
Coming Soon: 1 SDCC-Exclusive Fallout Statue at The Bethesda Gear Store

The Bethesda Gear Store is bringing a technicolor nightmare to life with a new SDCC-exclusive collectible. The goofily grisly Fallout Vault Boy Mr. Sandman Technicolor Variant retails at $40 USD and is only available from July 22 through 25, 2021 (PDT).
RobCo Sends 800 Fallout Protectron Statues to the Bethesda Gear Store

The Fallout robot uprising continues at the Bethesda Gear Store with the arrival of 2 new replicas: the mint green Fallout Protectron Statue (limited to only 600) and the tuxedo-clad Fallout Protectron Butler Statue (limited to only 200). They are now available at the we...
NVIDIA X Bethesda Open Reservation Raffle for 300 DOOM Eternal GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Demon Slayer Bundles

Fans have been looking forward to DOOM Eternal’s 4K ray tracing gameplay since NVIDIA demonstrated how stunning it would look and how well it would perform with the new GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card. Because of this, NVIDIA is teaming up with the Bethesda Gear Store ...


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