Bethesda Gear
A Fallout robot uprising has taken root at the Bethesda Gear Store. First came the Sentry Bots. Today, it’s the femme fatales’ turn. We are proud to announce the launch of 2 new limited edition Assaultron Statues. Now available at the Bethesda Gear Store.

2 March 2021

BioWare Gear
Garrus Vakarian is one of the most popular companions in the Mass Effect trilogy. And today, Development Plus Inc and the BioWare Gear Store are proud to announce the launch of two new limited-edition statues of the Turian bad boy.

22 February 2021

BioWare Gear
The story of Thedas is perhaps best told through the characters that players meet during their adventures. And the limited edition Dragon Age Cast of Thousands Shadow Box is proof.

17 February 2021

BioWare Gear
BioWare Launches 6 New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Collectibles

2 February 2021

Bethesda Gear
The Prince of Destruction has arrived in a very special collection

26 January 2021

BioWare Gear
Show Your Love 💖 New Mass Effect 3D Pendant

13 January 2021

Bethesda Gear
Relive Doomguy’s glorious beginnings with this very special limited edition set!

4 December 2020

Breaking News: Hungry Shark has a store!

2 November 2020